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*Server Released* Get Started Today!

A rebalanced semi classic experience with a blend of 2.0 and unique content makes Orion the place to be. Our unique systems of grinding will make it so you don't get bored. Are you ready? *Released 15 June 2019*


European server based on Conquer 1.0/2.0. Although our initial goal was set on 1.0
We have done our best to add our own custom additions and keep the server as interesting as possible over the duration of its lifespan.

I won't lie, if you are looking for an super easy server you should look elsewhere. This is purely for people looking to regain that old, classic; "nostalgia" feeling while enjoy a little bit of the grind. This is a server for people with skill, where a little hard work goes a long way.

Enjoy a old classic experience with our unique PVP/PVE system along with Mining!

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